Educational Background

Diploma in Mathematics

Degree in Computer

BS in Computer Engineering

Master of IT Management

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ICDL 1 & 2
Photoshop CS Group
Sql Server Design & Admin
MCTS Web Application -> Asp.Net WebForm

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IT Teacher In MFT
IT Expert In MiladHospital
Software Developer In MiladHospital
IT Manager In MiladHospital
Responsible for IT security In SSO

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Suggestions to improve :

Proposals to improve the management of SharePoint Portal Design and Implementation. 

Proposals to improve the business environment through the introduction of goods and services in a static or dynamic website with the design and implementation.

Private training providers :

Specialized in IT :  

Programing in C#.Net & VB.Net. 

Introduction to SQL database. 

Introduction to Photoshop CS Group. 

ICDL Level 1 & 2. 

Ready to work in the fields :

Areas of IT and medical IT.

Consultation , Designing , Development And Implementation of health System.

User interface design And Buying advice Hospital Information system